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Cannabis Oil (Full Spectrum). Note: CBD infused or Hemp whatever is not the same, simply it is not illegal to sell. The only only full-spectrum Dagga-oil is available from Durban-Poison ZA. (Official) http://durbanpoison.org


Prices from ZAR 45.00 (45 South African Rand) per ml. Minimum 20 ml.  for 20 ml total price is R 900.00 wholesale.


Prices depend on quality and blend. For the best medical oil except to pay from ZAR 350.00 – ZAR 900.00 per ml.

Some profiteers have been know to sell for almost R 1500.00 per ml. This is not recommenced. Remember for personal use 20 ml will last as lease 6-12 months. It is claimed to cure cancer among other horrible diseases. 


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