MIUI® Smart Electronic Cigarette

$200.00 $149.00 USD


The MIUI® E-Cigarette is the ultimate combination of functionality and design. Of all the latest devices from the tiny machines to the powerful devices with expensive components, with voltage, heat controls & 5000 mAh batteries still leak besides the hugely expensive vaping liquid (Accounting for over 80% of their profits) heats up even with the recommended ratio of glycerine or whatever. I used to have a small bag with all the required items wrapped in plastic etc. Now everything has changed. The MIUI® Smart Electronic Cigarette is slim, light it never leaks the cost of the filter is zero. Each filer and vape pod last 2-5 days costing less than ZAR 50.00/$3.00 obviously wholesale (B2B) is more affordable. Each self-contained bullet has a new filter so it’s just like using a brand-new device each time you change the pod. It charges in under 40 minutes and lasts surprisingly long. Nothing currently on the market compares to this device able to provide the user enough nicotine from one or 2 puffs. I use it in shopping malls the cinema its so small one puff and its back in your pocket. Contact the Marketplace: or Email: If you interested in cannabis oil (full spectrum) contact Durban Email:

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