MIUI 6.5 Inch Smartphone

$72.00 $69.00


[buddyforms_form form_slug=”post-a-free-advert”]MIUI® Technology, The MIUI® brand of smart & rugged phones were founded in South Africa in 2004. MIUI®, Mobile Internet. Our brand and the pro-Agreed we witnessed could if be considered theft? You need to decide! If a trademark is worth more than the paper value? How can we grow this country without protection for new and small business? These practices that only favour established business based on the current legal system offers no protection for honest R&D and entrepreneurship. You have nothing to lose & everything to gain. Why waste your time and money on media platform in vain. The high risk of content theft and or having your account blocked by a teenager using a newly developed algorithm. The Mvrketplace, values your business. As trusted partners own your Mvrketplace. Take advantage of this new mainstream marketplace. The ‘VR’ Marketplace. ‘Augmented & Virtual Reality’ will change E commerce as we know it. Take control of your destiny. MIUI® is the best high quality & affordable smartphones on the planet. Our MIUI® also include modems, 8K high definition TV’s and this is only the beginning. How long can we let those with wealth created on the backs & back of the Apartheid system take preference it seems like the ‘The Great Land Grab’ of the 19th century has become ‘The Greedy IP. Grab’ of the 21 Century. Did we learn nothing from the archer as the Apple was shot off the headless man?


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