MIUI 5.3″ Smartphone

$10,000,000.00 $9,999,999.00


Web4Africa and Sedo stole my domain and when I informed @Sedo that the domain was stolen, provided proof all I got was lots of read tape.

Web4Africa and Sedo stole my domain

MIUI® Technology, The MIUI® brand was founded in 2004. Based in South Africa. By 2006 the business suddenly started to grow exponentially. While local orders increased on a daily basic the real surprise was international sales. South African based orders would be shipped for overnight delivery. Our devices had to be manufactured and assembled to our specs. Unlike the standard devices available in China and other countries we aggressively upgraded our devices starting with the battery. The first 4200mAh with 3 GB of Ram, this was also a first in South Africa. MIUI® is the best high quality & affordable smartphones on the planet. Our domain registrar was Web4Africa, terrible service was their thing but it took #Web4Africa to really open my eyes as besides promising to adjust settings so the domain would point to our website we were lucky to get them to point 3 domains out of about 120 domains purchased from them. During this time I had registered the MIUI trademark some R12 000.00 and 2-3 years later we had gotten the registration without any issues. In other words no device in any category of goods and services even sounded like our brand. No company or sole trader had ever used this mark in any form whatsoever. Suddenly one day the website went dead. Being my most valuable and important domain I knew it was nothing to do with the domain being expired as it expired on the 22 January, just like many countries if it did expire the local authority for would allow 1-3 weeks if this date had passed to still renew the domain. I also received a notice from Web4Africa 3 weeks prior to the 22nd of January as usual they would remind domain owners a month and again a week prior to expiry. This would be like clockwork the company took no chances when they could get paid. I would even say their invoices were knowingly deceptive I believe many owners  were charged double and would pay for domains that were set to expire, not once but this happened many times one instance about a year prior to disappearing I had to get the authority involved and within 24 hours I received my copy of renewal as I thought paid weeks before. Web4Africa tried every trick in the book but I remember one time so frustrated by their lies I actually went to their listed address it was fake, then I found their mobile numbers also fiction. I reported this but like always the authority even after proving my claim took no action. The same happened when disappeared. My site was dead #Web4Africa claimed  something about a technical problem and I had to wait days then weeks. Every time I emailed them I guess 3 times out of ten I received a reply a new excuse. I still paid them for the renewal a day before expiry and received confirmation via email that the domain had been renewed; in other words the domain never reached the day of expiry besides  if a domain passed that day the authority would email IO guess about 2-3 days past the expiry date, this would be the same way or procedure if a domain was set to expire, the email would say if you want this domain to expire etc etc. just ignore the email. This email never arrived and I did not expect it as I had asked for a 2nd email just to confirm the domain was renewed I did this as my site was still not working and I did not trust the company they had tried many times to cheat, going as far as literally changing their own clients setting if a domain was set to not renew they would set it to renew hopefully picking up a few extra payments, After about a week I asked another local registrar who were based in South Africa the truth was Web4Africa had no office or room or address in South Africa, within 24 hours I received a call and asked for this in writing I received it the following day; the search showed that my domain had actually been transferred by Web4Africa prior to the expiry date some 7-8 days before Web4Africa had even accepted payment and had provide the renewal notice and confirmation of both having received payment via PayPal and the date and name of domain with the new date of expiry . I still had over 350 days until the domain expired.  On the date the exact day they emailed all these lies as the truth is the domain was not just stolen by Web4Africa, it was already being advertised on Sedo.

Our MIUI® also include modems, 8K high definition TV’s and this is only the beginning. How long can we let those with wealth created on the backs & back of the Apartheid system take preference it seems like the ‘The Great Land Grab’ of the 19th century has become ‘The Greedy IP. Grab’ of the 21 Century. Did we learn nothing from the archer as the Apple was shot off the headless man? I believe Web4Africa were given a bribe being so crooked and greedy they never even considered the theft they did not even check if it had a trademark. They just assumed that they would get away with it even after emailing fraudulent documents. It took some 6 months for the registrar of to basically tell me to fuck off.


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