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Medical Oil from the Dagga Exchange & Coop. Priced according to quantity. Medical use only. For leisure example vaping liquid both oil and glycerin based available however export licenses can be issued will our assistance. SACANEX, The SA Cannabis Exchange (DaggaExchange) is a Coop. Go To (Coop.) Following the same business model as the first South African BEE endeavor ‘Boer Economic Empowerment’ Boer is a respected term meaning simply (farmer) it has been used as with every group, tribe or difference yet we must remember all of us originate from one species (our species) we choose to leave the past we forgive but never forget. We also never forget we all have the ability to do evil if evil exists it stems from our will to survive the part of our soul that remains animal, we believe in the ultimate access of peace but in this world as it is and remains a battle to survive it is not our neighbor that is responsible for our economic failure but we must instead see opportunity as if our neighbor prospers so do we.
Take for example Transkei and the Transkei Group of companies, DurbanPoison, TranskeiPoison have become part and parcel of the Dagga Cooperative all these to mention just a few subsidiaries will be owned as we move from corporation and centralized or autocratically owned to cooperation and cooperative ownership. Its as simple as filling in a form to become a member and equal equity shareholder of all these subsidiaries we no not partitioned however we believe not only in compensation for our shared past failures but its proved around the world. Some countries have more wealth and the wealth may not be shared equally but the national average across all lines is either lower or higher. Take China or Switzerland or Nigeria and we find the same basis of reality.

Economically speaking if the tax on the wealthy is too high their money grows wings while the Swiss tax rate may be lower on the wealthy the average income per capital is higher but take the USA and we see periods of growth like South Africa these opportunities to own fixed property for example was not equal and we reap what we sow. Even a mature economy like Switzerland can grow and in order for the average per ca-pita grows at almost the same baseline. Take Switzerland levy a much higher tax on the wealthy it may seem like for a seedling second (One third of the average lifespan of the countries citizens) Like a kid with candy candy in hand may seem like progress but its an illusion as your children even with their children even with trust funds aggressively taking advantage of the global stock, bond and property advantages will lose 75-80% in less than one generation.

What type of business is a Cooperative or Coop?

Co-operative. A co-operative is a member-owned business structure with at least five members, all of whom have equal voting rights regardless of their level of involvement or investment. All members can help run the cooperative. 

With the employment of professional managers who have global business experience. 

While ownership equity voting rights remained by law in place you can sell your shares but from history we find those maybe 500 -1000 primary beneficiaries the members the equal equity shareholders all peered wealth unimaginable wealth entire communities such example exist in Paarl, Frenchhoek, excuse my spelling based on the native French Boers who came to this land only 300 years ago. Not forgetting their pigmentation and the pig in side of all of us that given the opportunity will bite anything arriving penniless in ‘white Eden’ or so their ministers told them the pigs in them took the road easy and must now continue to build for themselves and children and child but only if their purpose primarily is to skin the piglet inside themselves. Compounded interest and appreciation

Economies of scale. Do not fight your neighbour for the right to profit from Durban Poison when what you take from your neighbor does not get taken by you but Canada and the USA who produce our brand in vain. Begin to call your wine Champagne or your Port or Sherry whether in Africa or Australia you will find yourself knowingly a criminal not by the French alone but by all nations. So we ask then demand Wipo and the non Wipo nations who expect us to respect their patents and trademarks when countries behave in this way like China once upon a time who grew Channel bags manufacture or grow some may say especially grow go and read about Terroir. We will not even waste a page when its already given to us in Wikipedia. The USA and the world demanded China cease and desist and eventually they did or most of them the reason they did not was not about strength or because they could true power is being able not to do whatever the piglet in you and I want all the time. The basis of personal power. Read About the 1960’s when freedom was defined as doing whatever you like with whoever you liked whenever you liked or something along those lines it was put down in history and her-story more recently as the opposite of freedom, no culture in the century old belief that culture had to do with what grape you squeezed what color grape you squeezed the time of the day the music you listened to one might ask what you and I do for ourselves and what we do for others in a selfish way. How do you want to be seen a barbarian or cultured. The purpose for all of this esoteric restarted writing is not to assume to tell you and I what cultured means but how history will note it down as desperate and uncultured to expect your mark to be respected while not respecting others.       


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For the architecture firm, see TERROIR.

The steep slope, soil quality, and influence of the nearby Mosel river distinguish the terroir of this German wine region.

Not all Alsatians are Nazis. Some may be as innocent as a grape and powerless as a wine.

Just cause you go to church;

does not mean you can abuse animals do not treat animals the way you want to be treated as how do you know how that particular animal wants to be treated.

I suggest, Not to treat animals the way you do not want to be treated; That measure may be very wrong but its at least respectable. its less selfish.

Terroir (French pronunciation: ​[tɛʁwaʁ] from terre, “land”) is the set of all environmental factors that affect a crop‘s phenotype, including unique environment contexts, farming practices and a crop’s specific growth habitat. Collectively, these contextual characteristics are said to have a character; terroir also refers to this character.[1]

Some artisanal crops for which terroir is studied include winecoffeetobaccochocolatechili peppershopsagave (for making tequila and mezcal), tomatoes, heritage wheat, maple syruptea, and cannabis.

Terroir is the basis of the French wine appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) system, which is a model for wine appellation and regulation in France and around the world. The AOC system presumes that the land from which the grapes are grown imparts a unique quality that is specific to that growing site (the plants’ habitat). The extent of terroir’s significance is debated in the wine industry.[2]

Only part of the picture.

When we take a 360 degree view you and I remain 100% owners of our private business that benefit along with the total growth or due to the production of grapes by the small independent and often without MBA’s or accounting/legal educations these people in their own generation formed the middle and upper classes of the Afrikaner population. The establishment those over achievers who used up Rhodes money on scholarships based on their intelligence, is that fair some may say

that democracy does not work well we know it does not work but its the best we have and its better than having an autocratic Czar even worse Czarina only joking.


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