Framed Original Photograph. Non Profit. See below.

$9,999.00 $999.00 USD


Framed Original Photograph of President Nelson Mandela. While this endeavor will benefit many children and adults. This too is at your request. We endeavour to work for the Trust in Eastwold Way, & Oxford Road; the final decision is yours.
The South African government thank g-d is managing this (Lockdown) and pandemic at their highest levels with the resources available the worst is still to come our real consequences unfortunately. Unemployment l Hunger and the economy and our weekending ZAR together points to testing us once again. Already the peoples hunger speaks!
Humans beings on street corners and the vast amount of poverty is not how Madiba’s dream will end. We wait excitedly for the EFF and Julius S Malema a force of nature like no other to take the economic and spiritual reins onwards and upwards with the SA Cannabis Exchange owned by 2500 of the post rural and talented South Africans to supply the global.
The total cost. (Material, labour, and donation) will be made available on request. We need to know the size and quality of paper. In truth the amount we can give is 100% after the cost of said frame paper etc. These are quotes from three individual artists and printers.
We managed to find more affordable options however the frame company and printer refused to provide work and material their excuse is real the pandemic …
*Madiba and it is for a good cause, but it seems local companies just cannot afford to do this currently. That is why we hope those who can afford these original high-quality number prints will pay what is a small amount of money to have a priceless framed print. Highest quality original photos taken with a Nikon D750 DSLR (Full Frame) photo.
The printing is on 240 mm -280 mm Canon Photo-Art Glossy Paper. Depending … both options are spectacular.
We have a limited number of prints. Certificate included and signed by the relative Madiba Non-Profit Foundation
(Not for Profit)
Madiba a term of endearment refers to our Presidents extended family living and ancestry. For example, you may call it “your clan” if Irish or “The Family” if Italian American.
Proceeds will benefit the ‘Nelson Mandela’ Children’s Home. Eastwold-Way, & Oxford Road, Saxonwold,
South Africa
Christian P. DUrban

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