Medical Cannabis Oil 20ml

Medical Cannabis Oil 20ml Medical Cannabis Oil 20ml

Medical Cannabis Oil (Full Spectrum). Strains Available: Transkei Poison® and Durban Poison® The King of Sativa (Official)

Uses: Luxury, leisure and medical. Important: Learn about Terroir!
*Terroir: The (Official) Durban Poison Organization® & SACANEX® ‘The SA Cannabis Exchange’ (Dagga Exchange).

Cultivated within the legal boundaries set by members of SACANEX. All members ‘South Africans.’ may apply. There is no cost whatsoever. We have paid the highest price in blood.

Province of South Africa. KZN, KwaZulu-Natal. Active Ingredients: Extra Virgin (First pressing) the average ratios of 70% CBD/CBC complex and 30% THC complex.
Exchange rate: 23 June 20 $1.0 USD =ZAR 16.50 we expect our currency to weaken against all major currencies. This is not a short-term view or marketing grit. We believe by providing the highest quality Sativa, while we protect our cultivars from climatic disturbances and may cultivate in a semi indoor environment our terroir is pure. We may at times reduce humidity however this is only while drying instead of allowing a portion to lose its export quality however no air conditioner system or units are ever used. Using only local reeds with our traditional pure river water this reduces humidity by 1-3 degrees Celsius. If any of our product/s including oils, pharmaceutical or luxury items containing genuine Durban Poison® we will replace and refund the said order and give guarantees and warranties that protect your entire supply season including your profit based on previous sales and fair growth across the board.
The King of Sativa is our slogan, but it is not a slogan, slogans are engineered! These words were given to us by consumers around the world long before you were born. We endeavor to live up to our ancestor’s expectations as when you smile the souls along the Indian Ocean feel the warm breeze and whisper to the Zulu King and his English friend Sir Ben. Alfred Durban. The secret of their Poison remains a secret. Email: for any assistance, complaint or whisper.
The Transkei Group® Brand: Transkei Poison® is a registered mark of the Durban Poison® Organization. Our brand/s names, logos and slogans may only be used with the written permission of the Durban Poison® Organization. Cultivation is prohibited and may result in legal action. This includes claiming our brand, flower, oil essence or medical or pharmaceutical product that is not manufactured in on under license within the boundary set forth by and accepted globally as KZN., KwaZulu-Natal, “the province” and must be listed as an official producer with SACANEX, SA Cannabis Exchange the (Dagga Exchange) their website or with exclusive/exchange/sales and trading from June 01-2020 until and including June 01-2024 The Me2ads™ Marketplace T/A
Durban Poison® Organization Address: Durban Poison Estate, Durban, KZN. Kwa-Zulu-Natal, 4295, South Africa. Email: or

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