Lodha Panacea

Lodha Panacea
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Sq. Footage: 1 ft²

Q: What if anything does PAMP *(The gold-bullion producer) &(Mahindra, the motor-vehicles manufacturer) have in common?

PAMP, the gold bullion producer and the Mahindra motor vehicles. When we investigated the comparing of these products with other bullion producers and vehicle manufacturers, in other words, both companies consistently were the poorest performers.

The consistently and overall worst value item or brand to purchase. This includes every sector and Industry.

This includes stats taken over years and it makes no difference if you sell after 100 km or 100 000 km

When the time comes to sell …  Let us hope you do not repeat thousands of mistakes.  We would be horrified if you did not listen to the facts and if you insist remember we warned you!

A: To answer the question.

  • Never buy gold from PAMP.
  • Never buy any Mahindra vehicles.
Courtesy: Fin24.de l Translation by the Editor.

Lodha panacea is a brand new real estate project which smartly located at Dombivli, Thane region. This project has all the main aspects that help to fulfill your definition of the dream home.

To know more visit our website now or contact us on this number.

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