Durban-Poison-Estate Durban-Poison-Estate Durban-Poison-Estate Durban-Poison-Estate
10 ft²
Not Allowed


Durban Poison ZA® (Official) cultivator available only to South African cultivators.

Durban Poison Estate® Durban, KZN. South Africa. Mandated by President Nelson Mandela. ©Durban-Poison-Organisation. We would like 20 philanthropists to each invest only $ 1.6 M to empower 2500 growers in Durban North who have been cultivating the ‘King of Sativa’ classic legally protected Durban Poison, for the local and global marketplace. You and I have this opportunity to empower the poorest South Africans while owning the official Durban Poison Organisation  of little more than 200 hectares with a luxury wine estate and boutique hotel and cannabis resort, a working Durban-Poison Estate with vines working their way down to the Indian ocean. Its like purchasing a beachfront home (free-hold) that happens to own the exclusive  legally protected Durban-Poison-Estate, with the economies of scale we will be able to stop, the use of our countries most valuable green gold. The global marketplace can be controlled from the estate providing 2500 individuals a once in a lifetime KWV model wealth empowerment. This can be the most successful BEE project ever. Nothing great about that as all of them have only empowered the Zuma & sons. not to mention the Gupta’s, if this happened in any other country. Imagine 1 trillion USD had been stolen from within the US.

Just imagine the drone strikes and boots on the ground, while we just accept it and keep voting for those who own million dollar apartments and little countries in playgrounds around the world.

Lets create local economic empowerment  that serves a purpose other than our self interest, while serving yourself with *magnificent, safe and hundreds of acres of private beaches not to mention your USD will now buy almost ZAR 20.00 and I bet within 3-5 years one USD may be worth ZAR 40.00. So secure your supply of weed medical cannabis for we are already more affordable than India in producing the highest grade cannabis for export.

*This endeavour will be the last possible coastal development, the security similar to DE-Beers Diamond mines along the old SW Africa. 24 hour guarded no mans land security all paid for by the 300 hectare estate. The security is just an added bonus not necessary but peace of mind on an island like paradise. Airport less than 40 minutes drive by sport-car. Lovely highways  with a subtropical climate and virgin unspoiled beaches.

Leave your 4×4 and Aston Martin with the nearest   official dealer in Umhlanga. The city that less than 10 years ago was one road sugarcane and 24/7/333 days of sunshine! You own title and would become the join’t Website: Email:


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