Cannabis Oil (High CBD)

Cannabis Oil (High CBD)


The Transkei Group® 20ml (Medical) Cannabis Oil. At least 70% CBD/CBC and 30%THC.

20ml of A grade medical cannabis oil high in CBD. Tested and currently used by medical professionals. ZAR 5000.00/$304,51 exchange rate is based on the South African Rand. Email: or

This price based on the exchange rate of July 21, 2020

‘Cannabis Economic Empowerment’ Mandated by President Nelson Mandela.

  • Luxury & Medical Sativa.
  • Products: Vape, edibles, sweets, foodstuffs, & pharmaceuticals.

Our Brands:

  • Transkei-Poison™

Transkei-Poison™ is indistinguishable from Durban-Poison®ZA. -Why may more?

We cultivate on our Transkei Estate, a region of no less than 15 000 miles2 Our brands & products are protected in over 30 countries & territories.

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