3.0 bedroom Farm For Sale in Hopefield

3.0 bedroom Farm For Sale in Hopefield

Situated in a popular farming area outside Hopefield towards Malmesbury, this 1308 ha farm offers an excellent opportunity to farm with game, cattle, wheat and other grain crops. Natural vegetation consists of typical West Coast fynbos. Buildings comprise a 3 bedroom main house with 1 bathroom and an open plan kitchen, a shed and some other out buildings as well as a large labourer cottage with 2 living units, each with its own 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and kitchen.

The game section of the property consists of a 2,4 m perimeter Bonnox fenced 750 ha game camp of which 350 ha is fynbos and 400 ha is classified as open land previously planted to wheat. The remaining 558 ha of the property consists of 270 ha fynbos and 288 ha sowing fields suitable for the cultivation of wheat/canola/
lupine. The long term average rainfall of 325 mm per annum provides for a long term average wheat yield of 2,5 tons per ha. At present the following antelope roam the game camp and is not included in the selling price, but can be negotiated separately because numbers vary from season to season: 25 Eland, 11 red Hartebeest, 10 Kudu, 14 Gemsbok, 100 Springbok, 5 white Springbok, 4 black Springbok, 5 bronze Springbok, 13 Bles buck, 90 Takbokke. There is also a number of a certain species of wild pigs, originated from Europe. The game component of the farm lends itself for breeding and hunting purposes. While Eskom provides the electricity, water for domestic use as well as for the water troughs spread throughout 9 camps on the farm is coming from the Voelvlei water scheme. A windmill supplies another 2 camps with water.

Should the game component be more commercialized, this farm could be taken to new heights. The property is registered in the name of a company of which the contribution is 75/25 %. The asking price is R13 570/ha and there are 2 buying options for the new investor ; you either buy the entire farm (100 % shares) or you buy 75% of the shares (which equates to R13 312 170,00).
Price : R17 750 000,00 (VAT excluded)

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