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We would like your feedback on enabling readers or vendor to contribute to this section of the website. Currently anyone can list products and services. Simply register without having to wait for any email verification. In other words we encourage any type of product and services subject to ‘good-delivery’ if you advertise cannabis make certain it is legal to do so in your country as we take no responsibility or liability if you break the law. Having said that if we have no contact details or we lose contact details as we do daily we obviously want to cooperate but cannot. However, if you practise profiteering in the form of non-delivery or provide low quality products we will provide your details to the crowd. List your IP address and username plus seek you out via similar content plus list this information on our criminal page for all consumers to see. Unlike paid reviews there is no amount of money that will limit or delete honest albeit criminal or negative reviews.

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  • Michelle Foster

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  • Mary Lockhart

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