Listing-Categories vs Categories. An example is provided below. Listing-categories and Listing-subcategories, (see below) will not lead you to listings.

These Listing categories/Listing-subcategories, are only used for choosing the listing category, when posting or listing an advert.

If you are unfamiliar with these seemingly simple concepts like Listing-Categories vs Categories, posts vs pages, you are in good company. Join the club. This is not technical or a 40 minute read. Depending on how many words you can read per minute, it should not take longer than about 2 minutes. In truth I have no idea. What I will try explain is how to list any product or service on this site. (Below) is an example of Listing-Categories, from the Home page go to the top right hand side of the page and you will see a block “Add Listing” or go to the Register or Registration page. It makes no real difference. Simply add your details, your name will not be used as our setting is for your username to be show to promote your business or brand. Once done then go to “Add Listing” and choose a category. If you want to advertise a property for sale or rent. choose the appropriate Category, then complete your listing. You can always change your category and or add multiple categories. Here is the thing, like below when listing an advert you are choosing from the ‘Listing-Categories’ and like below if you want to view Listings, click on the link Listings. Then you can use all the features to find the listing, product or service being advertised. The Listing -Categories, like below if you click on any Listing-Category, for example: Motor Vehicles or Real-Estate as expected you should be taken to the Sub-categories, but as illogical as it may seem, the ‘Listing-Categories’ and ‘Listing-Subcategories’ will not open Listing, even if there are a 1000’s of listing in the ‘Listing-Subcategories’, their name are literal, try below and you will understand, when you actually list or post an ads, and or create your Vendor page it will make more sense. So, simply put to view current Listings begin with the ‘Listings’ link this way you will be able to find all Listings (Adverts) and their category or subcategory.

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