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Me2 (Ads) ‘Digital Listing Software.‘Makes is easy for Me2 list professional property listing (ADS) while ‘My business and myself is promoted as a brand.

Promoting Your Business.

If you registered on this site your business or brand page has already been created. Go to the Menu link ‘Vendors’ Search for your username, business-name or personal name.

  • Vendor page logo. Best size: 400 x 400px.
  • Listing page primary image. Best size: 800 x 600px -If you would prefer bespoke size or if we can provide any service to better promote your company, please contact us.
  • Note: This endeavour was planned to be part and parcel of the launch of the Mvrketplace. However it was decided recently to enable the basic listing and promotion-of products and services. Please, understand while listing is currently available the site will still need cleaning up together with new features.
  • We have focuses on real-estate, primarily due to the pandemic, while wellness in general has much to do with your living and working space. WFH. VFH.
  • We all want a safe and accessible solution if to rent, to function as temp. offices and even to purchase. That is why we do not want to restrict listing to long term rental and sales only. We believe being ‘stuck’ in a lease for long periods may not suite everyone that is why we offer rentals, vacation or short term, days, weeks, months or annually.
  • We endeavour to provide anyone (Me2) to list their own property for one time employed agents to start-up their own company, if its to work traditionally or offer clients a service from contractual, legal, electrical certificates and whatever else is required.

it to look fantastic, with everything in order but I would probably easy to use marketing and sales tool. We are living in strange times when I see the word Free, I no longer expect same. I know or actually expect its a lie. It may be free to download but whatever is offered seems to great seems to be Automates the design & listing process. Great for entrepreneurs, start-ups, homeowners, and estate-agents. Pay no listing, renting or sales fees, costs or commissions whatsoever.  ©Me2diais our most basic listing system is just ios freeavailable to anyone is a basic and easy to use product and service listingvendor Property listing platfor operating with any of our core platform, lets leave it at that.

  • Free, quick and professional real-estate listings.
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Why pay when it’s free? All you need is a photo. Image sizes.

The ‘VR’ Mvrketplace

The ‘VR’ Marketplace. Mvrketplace™ (Official) will still take about 2 years to be built. It will offer all individuals and companies both Augmented and Virtual Reality. Powered by cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and VR software. But current ‘usernames‘ will remain the same. We endeavour to share ownership between the actual users vendor or merchants who use the marketplace as their primary sales and marketing platform. (See Below)

Incorporated as a legal Cooperative. Following the business model of the KWV. *Each seller or service vendor will own the entire Mvrketplace.

Legal and guaranteed to remain decentralised, owned entirely by vendors.

Like the KWV, we all know how wealthy those for 450 ‘Boers’ became. That is the the best example of BEE “Boer Economic Empowerment” working in South-Africa.

For more details about the changes that will take place please see below. (See Below)

While both all URL’s will lead to we will keep both primary domains only. l and l

For more info email: or

(See Below)


  • The Mvrketplace (See Below)

We are not willing to risk what amounts to years of work by leading individuals and groups who we are responsible for their ‘prize.’ They have worked selflessly, not exactly they managed to take our theory and make magic in this physical reality. Not the first time I may add. For what it is worth say No to GoPro Fusion 360 degree it was pathetic. I know this as I had to purchase 2 of these devices in South Africa for the group to test, so if you looking for this device you are very welcome to come purchase a demo. The devises are still in their boxes, unused except for thr 1 charge to check the quality and if it would serve the platform. Until we realised the billionaire is a profiteering prick. Let me say it again, totally useless. If you looking to purchase a 360 degree YOU ARE WELCOME TO COME AND HAVE A LOOK I WILL EVEN GIVE YOU A GREAT DISCOUNT. NOT USED EXCEPT ONE CHARGE AND THE YOUNGSTERS I am referring to the PhD-Kids.

Seriously I have these devices, but I would not recommend them to anyone! For R 16 000.00 each, OK the price maybe R 10 000.00 or whatever. There are many more affordable 360 devices for photography. The / MIUI Xiaomi is much better than the waste of plastic waterproof 4k crap from Go-Pro.

was with the right ingredients any form of financial rewards. Lucky for us clever young people need to get masters degree’s and their reward is getting their degree. However we do not believe that is sufficient. The reason is like out of a spy novel they have signed documents, and they did this without question or reward. (See Below)


The ‘VR’ Mvrketplace

We’re bringing your personal shopping experience to the comfort of your home! ‘Augmented & VR’


The whole project was inspired by the idea of e-commerce in a world with more advanced technology and faster network speeds. We find it increasingly hard to find time to visit our favorite stores. Thus we decided to bring those stores to us!

What it does

MVRKETPLACE is a virtual reality eCommerce multi-vendor marketplace. Turnkey (SaaS) Software as a service that allows its users to experience in-store shopping while in the comfort of their own home. The user would be able to browse the entire catalog of a store as well as try on outfits using an avatar catered to their own body shape and measurements.

How we built it

MVRKETPLACE was developed using Unity for the Samsung Gear VR. We also developed back-end code for the cart object using VS Code.

Challenges we ran into

Due to our unfamiliarity with Unity and VR programming, we encountered many obstacles in developing the application. There were also hardware compatibility issues such as a lack of VR support for certain phone models. This culminated in the inability to implement movement and object interaction.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Even with the many obstacles, we were successful in creating a basic VR environment to serve as our demo. While we were unable to interact with the products, we still managed to convey the idea of what MVRKETPLACE could be.

What we learned

We learned how to use Unity to build a basic VR environment.

What’s next for MVRKETPLACE

MVRKETPLACE is no where near completion. We plan to incorporate user movement and interaction capabilities to realize the full experience of in-store shopping. MVRKETPLACE will expand to enable any department store or individuals the ability to sell their products and services to the global VR community. While building the ‘mainstream’ Marketplace of the future be sure to register your-username and post a few basic adverts so when the new site is ready is too!

Upcoming Features:

  • Secure your username. Register Now and secure your vendors page. This will take 2 minutes. We have honestly been working on this for years. The site currently is flat and messy. The entire framework will change, but it will-still take up to 2 years. As it needs to function perfectly!
  • More importantly: Take 2 minutes Now, Now, Now, as if it does happen what will you lose without securing your companies username. That is basically the only thing that will not change.! (my-company)!
  • It only cost R 2890.00 Now to register your username. I am joking,
  • Listing real-estate is possible Now. It is basic and easy, just register add a photo etc.
  • This will still take about 2 years to perfect. We have software engineers as leading US universities using, building the core back end as we speak. It has been almost 10 years in the making. We are still limited in key areas.
  • Only when you can try on clothing in your favourite store at 2 am and feel the cloth on your body will we launch.
  • Alexa enabled in-store assistant
  • Augmented and ‘VR’ factory outlet environment encompassing all available stores.

Built With (Under construction)

  • samsung-gear-vr
  • unity

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